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What happens if my placenta is not safe for consumption?

I will refund you! I require a non-refundable $100 down payment for supplies. But if something happens that is out of the family’s control, I will always refund the rest.

How soon do you start the process after the birth?

I prefer 24-48 hours after the birth. In non-ideal situations, if the placenta has been kept on ice/stored in fridge, ASAP is preferred.

If I have a medicated/cesarean section birth, am I still able to use the medicinal aspects of my placenta?

Yes! The only thing that would not allow you to consume is if it was cut up during surgery (there will not

be much to encapsulate), if it was sent to pathology, if there was cross contamination at birth, or if any
fever is present at the time of birth in mom or baby.

How many pills will I get?

It depends on the size of the placenta, and if the placenta is used to make tinctures/salves/keepsakes. Rough, an average placenta can make anywhere between 100-300 pills.

You choose your package:

Different processes here:

The Raw Method: meaning the placenta is only heated up once in the dehydrator and then put into capsules. This method is recommended for those mothers postpartum who are looking for an energy boost. Because the placenta is only heated up once, it preserves more hormones and volume.

The "Gentle" Method/Traditional Chinese Method: meaning the placenta is heated up twice before put into capsules. Prior to being put in the dehydrator, it is steamed with herbs such as ginger, turmeric, and/or lemon. This method is recommended for women who have experienced anxiety or sensitivity to hormones prior to pregnancy. Should you have any specific requirements or preferences regarding the Gentle Method, please be sure to inform me prior to placenta pick up!

why should i consume my placenta?

The placenta is an organ made by you, for you! Did you know that only women can create, grow, and birth an organ? The placenta is what houses baby for those nine months in utero, and is packed with tons of natural occurring hormones, vitamins and minerals. When a mother is about 48-72 hours postpartum, she goes through a HUGE hormonal shift. The pregnancy hormones leave, and your body is now needing to adapt to motherhood and to taking care of baby outside of the womb. When this shift happens, moms tend to crash. Thats why it is so important for women to be giving back the proper nutrients to themselves to thrive!

Placenta consumption is key to vitality postpartum. It helps to speed up recovery, improve sleep, induce and maintain milk production, provides mental clarity, boost immunity, decreases baby blues and/or postpartum depression, increases energy, helps facilitate bond with your newborn, decreases bleeding, and so much more. As a new mother, you are bruised, tired, and ever so fragile. Placenta consumption allows you to give back to your body and keep you at your best. When you’re taking care of yourself, you’re taking care of your baby.

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