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The word "doula" is a Greek word meaning "servant to women". For the past 20 years, documentation and studies have cited that doula care leads to better birth outcomes and satisfied families. Doulas can potentially reduce the needs for Cesarean-sections up to 80%. (Wow right?) This service provides women in childbirth a shorter labor with fewer complications, reduce the need for Pitocin, less use of forceps, less use of epidural anesthesia, fewer c-sections, and overall less stress for the laboring mother. Doulas help laboring mothers cope with pain, understand their birth options, and support you and your birth plan.


Who doesn't want unconditional support during this intimate time?

Birth your way

My job as your doula is to ensure that you birth your way. With the many variations (and variables) in birth, we will discuss in depth your plan and preferences so that you can go into this experience with a clear vision.

I have a midwife. 

Why Would I need a doula?

Doula's provide physical, emotional, and informational support only. We are not able to provide medical tasks such as blood pressure monitoring, fetal monitoring, or cervical checks. Because your midwife is constantly monitoring you and your baby's well being, they are not able to be as hands on as most women would like when it comes to needing emotional and physical support. This is why doulas are a great option to be the extra set of hands available when needed.

What is the relationship

between partners & doulas?

Let's get something straight, a doula is not coming in to replace your partners role during this sacred time for your family!

Doulas know birth and your partner knows you! My responsibility as your doula is to support you through an array of ways from double hip squeezes to making sure you and your partner are hydrated. It an important practice of mine to respect your space and help in the ways that we discuss in your birth plan.

You can read more about this on my blog here!

What is the relationship

between DOCTORS & doulas?

Thankfully a lot of providers in our community are receptive of the presence of and assistance from birth workers. In recent years the doctor-doula relationship has greatly been improved thanks to the success rates in having that extra support in your birth space. 

It is the provider's job to carry out your birth plan, it is your doula's job to support you while you advocate for yourself.

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