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Postpartum Essentials COZY edition!

Postpartum can be a very vulnerable time. You are left bruised and bleeding, navigating this new world with a tiny new best friend. It can be a time of so much joy and love but it also comes with a side of healing. After my post of aesthetic birth essentials got so much attention, I knew I needed to make one all about postpartum! SO here we go, get ready to get cozy and supported for this postpartum experience mama!

Robe: your postpartum uniform will be a nursing bra, your postpartum diaper and a robe so make sure it is a cozy one.

Nursing bras: a few options! buy the ugly ones for comfort, buy some cute ones to make you feel good.

Mama diapers: best brand on the block! Remember you have an open wound the size of a dinner plate so organic means no harsh chemicals going up there! Trust me, the ones with added fragrance will not do you any good here.

Silverette: Be kind to your nipples! Your newborn will basically live on your boobs so help heal cracked, sore, sometimes bleeding nipples with these little cups! The case makes things easier so you should just get both.

Haakaa: Engorgement is no fun and mastitis is even worse! This little pump works like a charm. Also a great way to start building frozen milk stash!

Mobile Utility Cart: fill with essentials to keep bedside such as diapers, wipes, burp cloths, muslin blankets, snacks, waters, nipple cream, haakaa, placenta pills, postpartum tinctures….now you know why you need a cart right?!

Some other very crucial items or services to help postpartum include:

-water bottles (the bigger the better! Straws help immensely too!)

-slippers (look into how warming the body helps with blood production)


-nipple cream

-meal services

-postpartum doula

-lactation consultants

-cranial sacral therapist


-cozy pj sets

-adrenal cocktail powders


Again, there are so many wonderful rescources out there for families to feel supported physcially, emotionally and spiritually postpartum. Rest and recovery is crucial in the first 40 days as you navigate the new life you have created. Your future (tired) self will thank you later if you plan for postpartum. It's important mama, YOU are important!

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