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Assembling Your Support Team

Life is hard enough as it is. But going through pregnancy, birth, postpartum, need support! You do not need to do it alone. Your partner, a best friend, a family member, a doula...pick someone who is going to be on your side. Someone who will advocate for you and what you want. Someone who will be by your side to guide you.

A 2012 Cochrane Review found that continuous support during pregnancy and childbirth result in better outcomes. Emotional, physical, and informational support is crutial to a mother. (that is also the basic definition of a doula!) Therefore finding a good provider and doula is so important. There is nothing worse than having providers who are not a good fit for you. This can leave you feeling ignored, unimportant, and all around stressed. Which we all no is no bueno, especially for an expecting mother.

Did you know that at around 24 weeks' gestation, your baby will hear noises from the outside world? That means as you're about half way to the finish line, your babe is already growing accustomed to your voice and your surroundings, even in the womb! Creating a calm enviroment while baby is still in your belly is a team effort. Singing lullabies with your partner, having grandparents and friends talk to the growing bean, even mommy/baby daily meditations. All of these things allow you to bond with baby and to relax. That same environment that you've created needs to come with you to your birthing space. The birthing room is a sacred place and needs to be respected as so. Having people who you trust and feel comfortale in the room with you has shown many beneficial signs to the birthing mother. Having unwanted procedures done by a provider who is not understanding, have family members who are pushy (we all have them), or even unsupportive partner can lead to negative side effects. These sitations cause you to stress, which leads to high blood pressure, panic attacks, emotional highs and lows, all negatively impacting the baby and the laboring process. Vibes don't lie. Having a safe and warm enviroment will allow the mother to bring her baby earthside with little to no complications.

Having someone there to give you unwavering, nonjudgemental support throughout your pregnancy, birth, and beyond can help you make the best decisions for you and your soon to be babe. Find a birth team that will not only advocate for you, but encourage you to advocate for yourself. It's your birth after all, so find your village who will help you have the best birthing experience possible.

It truly takes a village. Never be afraid to ask your village for support!

xLove and Light Always,


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