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The Power of Music...

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Music has the power to alter the way we think and feel. The sound of the beat, the melody of sounds, the vibration of colors. It all fills your body, slowly taking over.

Bringing your OWN playlist to your birth can make all the difference in the world. It allows your to bring a little bit of home with you. Whether its in a hospital, or birth center, or even at home, having your favorite playlist on brings your style and taste to your birthing space.

When we listen to music, multiple areas of the brain are activated including those associated with movement, planning, attention and memory. It changes our brain chemistry. Listening to music we enjoy stimulates the release of dopamine that makes us feel rewarded.

This creates a safe place for you to get lost in. When you feel safe, you allow your body to relax because you are comfortable with your surroundings. With birth, everyone is always on edge. Music playing in the background, or blaring out all other noises, makes the environment a bit more laid back, allowing you to do your thing. (literally!) Dancing and swaying to your favorite tunes will actually help you in the long run! Move, mama! Movement helps distract from any excess pressure you may be feeling. It decreases your chances of asking for any pain meds too! Being up and moving uses gravity to help baby come down and dance their way down the birth canal. The frequent movement and changes of positioning helps open your inlet and outlet of your pelvis, allowing you to possibly dilate and progress quicker. The therapeutic sounds of your choice gets your head in the game. It lets you channel deep within yourself, giving you all the power to birth your baby. Whether it is flute music, heavy metal, or bachata...whether it is meditation, hip swaying or karaoke style....let music be a part of your birth team.

This is the infamous "slow dance" between mom and dad before baby arrives.

Here's a quick clip that will make you laugh!

Here's a quick clip that shows you a mama dancing her baby out during pressure waves and how her doula is helping her through it!

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