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What a doula is NOT

Thankfully, doulas are being more commonly used! (Finally, right??!?) But there still is a fair share of people who do not think doulas are worth it. So instead of sharing what a doula is, let me explain by sharing with you what a doula is NOT.

Doulas are NOT going just say "good job". Doulas know how to compliment the laboring mother the way she needs. Doulas know what is a appropriate to say and what is not appropriate to say during all stages of birth.

Doulas do NOT just stand in the room. Doulas are able to be the extra set of hands in the room that are ready at any given moment. Who couldn't benefit from having two extra hands around? Doulas do NOT take the place of the partner. Doulas know birth and are able to give recommendations on positioning, help time contractions, make sure everyone stays hydrated, and so much more.

Doulas do NOT take the pain away. Doulas help you cope with the pressure that your body experiences during labor and birth through different comforting tools like rebozos, massage, and uplifting energy.

Doulas do NOT catch your baby. Doulas are purely support. Doulas do not have a medical degree that allows us to catch your baby, but do have the knowledge to help guide you to have a better experience when you are bringing your baby earth side.

Doulas do NOT make decisions for you. Doula are educated on all things related to pregnancy, birth, postpartum, breastfeeding, and much more. This does not mean that they are able to tell you what decision to make. Doulas educate you so you can make an educated choice for yourself.

Doulas do NOT guarantee a natural birth with zero complications. Although doulas are magical, they do not have magic powers. Doulas knowledge and techniques have scientifically proven to decrease chances of c-sections, medical interventions, traumatic experiences, but that does not mean doulas ensure those things do not happen.

If you have addition questions about what doulas CAN and CANNOT do, check out this link:

This is the standard scope of practice for doulas. This one is specifically through who I was trained through (DONA intl.) and other organizations may have varying standards.

But as you can see, Doulas are a non medical part of your birth team that has their whole undivided attention on you and you wants and needs. Doulas are encouraging, an extra set of hands, support the partner, offer pain management techniques, affirm your ability to birth your baby, advocate for you so you can advocate for yourself, and are magical. (it's true, if you've ever had a doula you'll get it.)

If you are expecting and want to know more about what doulas specifically have to offer, reach out to me! You are by no means making any kind of commitment to me, which is why I offer free consultations! Let's just chat about your options, your goals, your fears. Birth should be exciting and precious, and doulas are great at making your experience a memorable one.

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