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Why I Became a Doula

Updated: Mar 4, 2018

THIS is the number one question that I am asked. "What got you into this field? What sparked your interest? Why do you have such a passion for this work?". People always are shocked when they hear me talk about my passion and know how old I am. I truly am an old soul. I do not have children of my own, and I am very young. But this does not change my love for my work or the way I take care of my clients. The explanation is quite long and even a little complicated, but the answer is simple. I love children, and I love supporting others.

For as long as I can remember, I have always had a passion for babies. I remember being so fascinated with pregnancy, birth, and of course the precious babes. I've been working hand in hand with children since I was a child myself. From babysitting, to mission work, to a working for a pediatricians office, and so much more. I've been babysitting for as long as I can remember. For my 12th birthday my mom got me CPR certified through American Red Cross so I could start babysitting for real, and man was I so excited. I've always had such a strong bond with all my kiddos I watch, as each and every single one of them mean the whole world for me. I love watching kids learn, grow, and become their own being. When I was in high school, I started working for a local pediatrician. This job has taught me so much about my career, I will be forever grateful for it. It entailed a lot and I worked a lot of hours, but it opened my eyes to my love for infants and the parents. I remember being younger and people asking me what I wanted to be when I got older. Truth be told, it's been my dream since I was a little girl to be a mom. When I was just 15 years old, my doctor gave me the craziest diagnosis and told me I would not be able to have a baby. There's a lot of science and medical terms that explain it better, but basically I would never be able to have a baby naturally. My maternal sole was crushed at 15. I obviously was not wanting to have a baby at that time, but the thought of it at such a young age was devastating. I try so hard not to dwell on it, and do not believe that it is my destiny. I truly believe that one day I will get to be a mom, but it is always in the back of my mind. A "what if". I think this is what drove my passion for women's health. After putting in endless hours of research, I felt drained. This is what began my holistic and natural approach to health issues, for my own health and others who were going through similar situations. After trial and error with my own health and medicine, I turned to natural resources like herbal supplements, teas, essential oils, yoga, and so much more. But man, it the worst process ever. (A topic for another day) I finally picked myself up and decided that I would use this as a lesson, something to drive me to do something good. In 2015, I traveled to Guatemala for the first time. I travel back often, although not as often as I'd like. I worked hand in hand with many families in need and made some amazing connections that I will remember forever. I obviously connected immediately with the families with small children right away. Working with some of these kids shortly after hearing the most devastating news, I felt slightly repaired. I felt like I found a purpose for my maternal instinct. Below is a picture that I will cherish forever. This was this precious girl's 1st birthday! This was exactly 365 days since the last time I had seen Yajaira. The year before, I had no idea that holding that minute old baby would have such an impact on me. I think about Yajaira so often. This past year, we were unable to visit her for her second birthday. Although my heart is torn thinking about her and her family's situation, this picture gives me hope! That sweet little face makes me feel whole!

A year after this picture was taken, I traveled back to Guatemala and connected with an old friend, Claudina. She is a sweet (and feisty) little woman who has that "grandmother" vibe. She takes care of everyone, tells old life stories, and will feed you until you pop. She knew my health situation and every year I went back to meet with her, she always said " Estoy orando por tí." meaning "I've been praying for you". One day we were talking and she had to leave unexpectedly. She had to go deliver her great-grandson. She is a midwife! I never understood why she was constantly asking me when I was going to have my own baby until this moment! After the arrival of her great-grandson, I asked her what got her into the field. She said that the women in her family have always learned from their own birth or family members' births. So they kept the tradition going by supporting the women in their family. I was bursting at the seams with happiness for her family. I was so inspired. I knew that that was what I wanted to do. I wanted to support women while they bring their baby into the world. Claudina let me hold her minute old great grandson and I could not help but to cry. (I'm crying while I'm typing this up too!!). Birth is so beautiful. Josue was so beautiful. The little family was so beautiful. A family was born that day, and I knew that I wanted to be apart of making that happen for people. This cascade of events is what led me to be a birth worker. I then looked into the process to become a midwife. It was then the midwifery school who told me about doulas. I figured why not get my foot in the door? I was hooked right away. I am still going to school, with long term goals of becoming a midwife, but I have a feeling I'm going to be a doula for awhile because I am completely and utterly in love with what I do.

I'm a "people person". I love chatting away about anything, especially all things baby related. I love making a good impact in other peoples life. I love lending a hand anywhere I can. I've always felt that I was supposed to help people, especially women, I just never knew how. I've learned, I've suffered, I've loved. I've grown to understand that my experience has driven me to support others. I can give my all to mother's and their children. I can support women in this time, just as I would want for myself if I were in their shoes. Motherhood is such a vulnerable time, support is the only way women can go through it. I want nothing more than people to see the beauty in this magical journey to parenthood. I will always support women, because women are truly magical beings.

God really works in mysterious ways, but He has led me to do the most beautiful work. And it's only just begun. Welcome to my journey.

xLove and Light Always,


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