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Why Not Home?

For centuries, women have been giving birth to their babies in the comfort of their own home. This was the norm up until about the early 1900's when the medical model of birth became so popular. Woman all over the world are still finding that home is best. Home birth has been practiced for centuries with midwives in attendance.

But what is so great about a home birth? There are tons of benefits of having a planned home birth.

  • You are able to avoid medical interventions such as epidural, cesarean, episiotomy, etc.

  • You have the freedom to move freely thanks to intermittent monitoring.

  • You have no stress about whether or not it's "time to go".

  • You have the ability to eat and drink during labor (because it has been proven that you should eat and drink during this marathon!)

  • You can be in the comfort of your home and be surrounded by your loved ones.

  • You can actually save money as an uncomplicated deliver can cost 60% less than a hospital birth.

  • You are provided with immediate bonding time as many newborn tests are delayed unless medically necessary.

  • You have more control over the birth experience.

  • You will experience a more "family oriented" birth experience using the standard midwifery care system.

Are you interested in all home birth has to offer? Find a local midwife to your area to find out if you are a homebirth candiate! There are few reasons that a midwife may not feel comfortable with you having a home birth (i.e. multiple previous cesareans, pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes) simply because hospital births have more rescources in the event something were to go wrong. If you have a condition that is low risk and manageable, shop around for providers as some may not feel comfortable with the situation, but other may have experience in that field. It's best to find the provider that fits your needs best.

Ok so we've touched on all the wonderful things about homebirths. Here's the big question. What are the risks? With a planned hospital birth, a planned cesarean birth, a planned homebirth, there is always going to be risks. Let me say that again for the people who didn't understand the first time.... THERE WILL ALWAYS BE RISKS IN WHATEVER YOU CHOOSE TO DO. But what risks are more important to you? Sometimes homebirths don't seem to go as planned. Transfers may be necessary due to many different reasons:

  • Fail to progress over extended amounts of time

  • Baby showing signs of distress

  • You need pain relief (when you've been in labor for 3 or 4 days sometimes woman choose to be transferred to receive the epidural or nitrogen oxide)

  • You start bleeding uncontrollably

All of these are examples of the unforseen. Sometimes these things happen and a transfer is needed. But do not worry, Midwives are brilliant and no exactly when a transfer is needed. They go through years of training to ensure the safety of you and your baby.

Birth is something you cannot put a time limit on. Birth is something that is mostly out of your control. Birth is something that is intimate, and raw, and transformational. So why not have birth in the comfort of your home?

For more information, be sure to watch the documentary called "Why Not Home". It is an incredibly moving and factual documentary showing how medical providers recognize the benefits of birthing at home. Nurses, obstetricians, and many more medical providers expalin their personal reasonings behind chosing to birth at home instead of in the hospital setting.

Also, check out my friend Paige's beautiful homebirth with her daughter! Paige is the founder of the BirthTUBE Live page. Here is the first live BirthTube birth, her daughter Savvy!

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